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We have initiated this project based after working in the social change sector over a number of years, being frustrated and looking for much greater change.

However, we know that as three white, middle-aged, middle-class freelancers based in London, we are not representative and we come to this with power and privilege. So as described above, we want to make the project genuinely accountable to people it is meant to serve. We are very open to what role we could take within that – or none at all, to leave space for others.

Natasha Adams

Natasha Adams spent years as an activist, then campaigned professionally for NGOs for a decade before going freelance in 2016. She now focuses on movement research, strategy and training. Natasha has worked for End Child Poverty, ActionAid, Friends of the Earth, 350.org, Shelter, Mencap and War on Want. She is Director and founder of Organising for Change, writes a popular blog exploring how social change happens, and leads a course on the Ecology of Social Movements.

Jim Coe is a freelance consultant specialising in advocacy strategy and evaluation. He is the co-author of a number of publications including, most recently, No Royal Road, which sets out how evaluation approaches could better support advocacy effectiveness. He is the host of the Advocacy Iceberg podcast, exploring key themes in advocacy and social change.

Joe Derry Hall has over 15 years experience working in campaigning, communications and digital for social change organisations large and small, including Save the Children, Scope and The Climate Coalition.  He recently led communications for the Civil Society Futures inquiry which recommended far-reaching changes on issues of power, accountability, connection and trust.

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